I am not a member of any activist or political party. Until the extent of lies and deaths, I considered myself a very average Australian. I collected 50 Thousand bottle tops, sorted, glued and constructed an image of John Howard (Australia’s current Prime Minister) with the heading “Liar, War Monger, Threat To Security”, made out of 10 Thousand of the bottle tops and measuring 4 metres high by 2.4 metres wide.


It is time for Australians to wake up to their responsibilities and hold people such as John Howard and his Liberal party accountable … and any other politician who behaves similarly.

Don’t vote for people such as those who :-

- Make false promises about keeping interest rates at record lows,
- Lie about “children overboard”,
- Dismiss, as being "a mob", 250000 citizens marching against the war on Iraq (representing over 50% of Sydney and including families, professionals and other citizens from a wide range of backgrounds),
- Physically block a petition against the act of war (organised terrorism) being delivered to George Bush in our own supposedly democratic parliament, and
- Many more lies confirmed at http://www.alp.org.au/features/lies.php

People such as John Howard and some other current Liberal party members are liars, war mongers and threats to our security.

Remember that even if John Howard shies away from the coming election, the rest of his team remain. Let’s hold them all accountable and, this time, don’t vote Liberal.

Bloggers, please feel free to add your thoughts below. Everyone, please feel free to email me at AlertNotAlarmedActive@hotmail.com
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